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Public Health Entrepreneurs, Public Health Consulting
Public Health Entrepreneurs, Public Health Consulting

Public Health Entrepreneurs Mastermind Group Program

Supporting Public Health Entrepreneurs

Experience the power of collaborating with like-minded peers to elevate your voice and presence in the market, attracting your ideal clients to you, and growing your business to ultimately having a greater impact on the communities you serve.


Many entrepreneurs are struggling with networking online and in person

Entrepreneurs are not sure how to optimize online platforms and attract their ideal community

Public health community of entrepreneurs is small, visibility is a challenge

LinkedIn is underutilized by public health overall, a goldmine for entrepreneurs

General Challenges: fear, solitude, communicating unique value, engagement

Ongoing challenge of finding clients

Confusion of getting started

Public Health Entrepreneurs, Public Health Consulting


Public Health Entrepreneurs Mastermind Group


Put networking into action by building relationships with your peers and colleagues, public health partners, broader industries; ultimately attracting your ideal clients and community of support for your business. Success in your business can represent the positive impact you’re having in the communities you serve.

Public Health Entrepreneurs Mastermind Program

The software technology that we use for our community allows us to stay connected, engage, and grow as entrepreneurs in a private social platform that is not associated with any social media platform.

High Visibility Strategies

Participation in monthly PUBLIC HEALTH ROUNDTABLE live streaming events on LinkedIn provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate your thought leadership, attracting your ideal community and clients to you

Inclusion in our monthly PUBLIC HEALTH ROUNDTABLE LinkedIn Newsletter provides continued visibility and opportunities to attract the people who are interested in the solutions you offer through your business.

Recordings of our monthly live streaming events are edited and housed on our YouTube channel PUBLIC HEALTH ROUNDTABLE playlist for continued visibility and opportunities to be discovered by people who are searching for the services you offer.

The recordings of our monthly live streaming events are published to our sister podcast, Public Health Epidemiology Conversations Podcast, for additional visibility to that dynamic audience and diverse public health audience. 

Getting Stronger, Individually and Collectively

Gain confidence in introducing yourself and your business, as well as communicating the value you bring to your ideal clients, in a variety of settings.

Improve your ability to communicate the solution you provide to your specific niche of clients, making it easier for your community to refer business to you.

Develop and nurture relationships with our diverse and global community of public health entrepreneurs in a space that is truly encouraging and supportive.

Have access to a library of trainings on business development and related topics of interest for public health entrepreneurs. 

Have access to resources to help you optimize your personal and business LinkedIn profiles to attract your ideal community and clients to you.

Attend our in person 2-day mastermind retreat, exclusively for active group members.

Within Your First 30 Days

Onboarding and orientation to our community

1:1 coaching session with Dr. Huntley to review your goals for your business and for your mastermind experience.

Customize audit of your LinkedIn profile to include things that are working well, a few quick revisions you can make right away, and a long term strategy for your LinkedIn profile.

Summary Of Monthly Events

Every Monday: A new networking strategic tip is posted.

2nd Week Every Month: A new Public Health Roundtable LinkedIn Newsletter article is published.

1st Wednesday

The Roundtable LIVE

2nd Wednesday

Mastermind - Activities

3rd Wednesday

Mastermind - Alumni

4th Wednesday

PHE Coworking

Public Health Entrepreneurs, Public Health Consulting

Apply For Membership

Enrollment for the Public Health Entrepreneurs Mastermind Group Program is only open two times per year, in early June and early December. We only recruit new members through our application. During the recruitment process, we will provide you with more details about the program and answer any questions that you may have to make sure that the program is a good fit for you.

If you’re interested in our mastermind group program, then we encourage you to complete the application now.

Public Health Entrepreneurs, Public Health Consulting
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In-person Retreats

Twice per year (February and August) we will host a two day in-person retreat for our mastermind group members. Members will cover their transportation to the retreat and lodging. The event and meals during both days are covered by the program.


The retreats provide us with the opportunity to dive deeply into strategies and work on our businesses. It provides an incredible opportunity for accelerated growth.

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